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Friday, October 15, 2010

Mini Book Reviews/Misc Stuff

Wow, what a big two weeks. I don't think I want to ever relive them. I don't talk about my personal life often but I feel I must give you a run down so you will understand why I have been not posting. Quick run down: It started with my daughter ending up in the emergency room with a full blown asthma attack and if any of you has gone through that you know how scary it is. Then we were hit with Nicole and our basement flooded, as if that was not enough we were without internet for over a week which spawned 3 different comcast visits, a new thing on our internet pole, our service completely shut off for over 8 hours and then we find out I was right all along. It was the splitter downstairs,ugh. As if that was not enough my furbaby ends up with a life threatening uterine infection, has to have immediate surgery and now we have a huge vet bill because of course it had to be done at the emergency vet hospital. So there is my two weeks. I wasn't making it up when I said we had a lot of drama here.

Anyway, things have settled down and now I can post what has been piling up. First on the agenda is mini book reviews about the books I read during the read-a-thon. Then I have some blog tours coming up, I want to visit my good friend Sheila on Monday and get back into the swing of What are you reading Mondays and I have some fabulous books to read:)

Mini Reviews:

When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin: I had a friend tell me I had to read this author and she was right. This story was so heart felt and emotional. I fell in love with all the characters and I can tell you that I cried a lot during this book. My heart broke so many times but man when the end came I was crying tears of joy. This will definitely be on my list of must reads 2010. I recommend this book to anyone that wants a heart felt, emotional story full of wonderful characters. 

Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine: I enjoyed this book. It was a kids book but it had a lot of meaning behind it. It really made me think about what Hana must have gone through at the hands of the Nazi soldiers. This is another one that broke my heart but Ms. Levine really handled the sensitive material well and it was great to read the adventure the kids had learning about Hana. I actually passed this one on too both my girls and they enjoyed it as well.

The Karma Club by Jessica Brody: I had actually given up on YA books. I just don't relate well to them. Plus most of the subject matter is just not interesting to me. However, I had a book bloggy friend recommend this one too me and guess what? I loved it! What a fun book! Probable? No, but fun anyway. I would recommend this one to anyone that enjoys YA books. The characters were fun and the subject matter was a hoot. 

Beauty: The Retelling of Beauty and The Beast by Robin Mckinley: This is the only book I read during the Read- A- Thon that I didn't like. I struggled to finish it and when I did I wasn't satisfied. I knew going in this was no Disney story but I thought there would be more meat to it. The characters were never fleshed out and by the end I really didn't care if she ended up with the Beast or not because Belle was boring. Her whole family was boring and the Beast, he was ultra boring. I never got a clear picture of how he looked, how Belle looked, or even how they fell in love. When the end came it was so quick that it was a let down. To be honest I was more like Uh? then Wow. I would be hard pressed to recommend this book to anyone. I guess I would recommend it to you if you wanted a book that would put you to sleep just before bed.

That is it for this post! 

'Til We Read Again,


Dizzy C said...

Oh Bobbie,
u have had your share of troubles.

I totally understand the frightening situation with a child with an asthma attack.
Have 2 boys with asthma and have been in A&E with them on a few occasions. It is frightening when you get to that situation as you know the meds at home have not worked! Last one my youngest had back in March, took over 7 hrs to get him under control and the doc was asking if he had ever been in Intensive Care. Dont want to repeat that one.

Could it have been the storm that brought the attack on?

Do hope your daughter is recovering now.


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I like the mini reviews! I have quite a few to write yet too from the read a thon. :)

Sistergirl said...

Well you can't complain and say your life is boring. lol

I pray that everything will work out fine in your life and this can get "back to normal."



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