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Saturday, April 10, 2010

And The Nominees Are....

*** This challenge is for the participants in Deweys 24 Hour Read A Thon Only***

Welcome to Hour 3 Mini Challenge. I will be your host:) This challenge is just for fun.  Listed below is a series of questions. Please put your nominees for the following categories.

Please list the books in which the characters reside;)

Favorite Female Character in a book:
Favorite Male Character in a book:
Favorite Side Kick in a book:
Favorite Couple in a Book:
Favorite Book Series:
Favorite Author:
Favorite Book Cover:
Favorite Book of 2009

Winners will be chosen by and will win:
Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin

I can only ship to the US. Please leave a comment below with the link to your blog post:)

Also, if you really like my blog please consider becoming a follower.

Til We Read Again,


Michelle said...

Whew! You made my brain work too hard!

Here's my post:

Missie said...

ooooooh! Great mini challenge! If only my brain was functioning this morning!

Shelley said...

This sounds like fun! Hopefully I'll get back to it but I've only read 20 pages so far today, so I'm going to do some reading. I did become a follower though! Have fun with the readathon!

blondierocket said...

That was fun ... and hard at the same time. Great mini-challenge! said...

Favorite Female Character in a book: Liesel from the Book Thief
Favorite Male Character in a book: Howard from The Fountainhead
Favorite Side Kick in a book: hmm... maybe Grimalkin from The Iron King
Favorite Couple in a Book: Lin and Karla from Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
Favorite Book Series: i'm predictable - Harry Potter
Favorite Author: Chuck Palahniuk, though it depends when you ask me
Favorite Book Cover: Beautiful Creatures
Favorite Book of 2009: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

virginiebarbeau said...

Here is my mini-challenge post!

shelburns said...

Great challenge! I posted my answers on my blog if that's okay.

Geri said...

Such a shame to only be able to make this open to folks in the US. Happens all too often :(

Eliza Osborn said...

This was so hard!

Geri said...

I understand that it is a matter of cost rather than geographic discrimination as is so common with many publishing companies.

Jess said...

Well that certainly made me think!

Here's my post:

bitsy said...

Talk about a brain teaser! Thanks for hosting this!

CCDPiper said...

Fun challenge! I'm sure I will think of other favorites later on, but for the time being here's my list!

readerbuzz said...

Thanks for the fun challenge! BTW, please don't think I am French or living in Paris....I'm just in "Paris" for the Readathon....I'm a Texan in real life!

katrina said...

I'm outside of the USA but I joined in for fun anyway, answers are here:

I'm sure on another day, and given more thought they may differ.
Good luck for the read-a-thon


Great mini challenge!

mine is at

happy reading kai

readerbuzz said...

Oh yes, and I just became a follower. I'd love to have you stop by and become a follower!

fickle fan said...

Whee! I loved answering these questions :)

Have posted my nominees below:

Ari said...

Ari :)

Judylynn said...

Here's mine:

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Also posted on my blog updates:

These are all subject to change as I have time to think about them.

* Favorite Female Character in a Book: Lily Owens in The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
* Favorite Male Character in a Book: Simon Morley in Time and Again by Jack Finney
* Favorite Sidekick in a Book: Hermione Granger, in the Harry Potter series
* Favorite Couple in a Book: Charles and Emma Darwin in Charles and Emma by Deborah Heiligman
* Favorite Book Series: Junie B Jones books for children
* Favorite Author: Gail Godwin, who wrote the novel Evensong
* Favorite Book Cover: Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier
* Favorite Book of 2009: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

J.T. Oldfield said...

Hard to think of so early in the morning! hahaha!

Denise said...

Tough questions! Favorites always stump me, there are so many favorites.

Book Psmith said...

This was a lot of fun. Thank you for hosting. Here is my link:

E. L. Fay said...

Choosing just one answer each was so hard! Here is mine.

Dreamybee said...

Great challenge!

My answers are here:

fiveforsilver said...

I agree, those were hard to choose and tomorrow I would have different answers (well, for most of them, anyway).

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Bobbie you rock - this challenge looks awesome! Way to go! :)

I am a new follower of your blog!

Becky said...

Here are my answers:

Katy said...

Hi! Here's my mini-challenge post:

I just became a follower of your blog--it's great to meet you!

April (BooksandWine) said...

Whoo-hoo this challenge was so much fun and got my snyapses firing.

Anyways here's a link to my post for the challenge -- at the top is the intro meme, your challenge is right below that:

Monica said...

Gaaah, this was way more difficult than it should have been.

And I definitely have less sophisticated tastes than I'd hoped for. ;)

Post is here:

exiledbyaccident said...

I don't qualify for the prize cause I'm not in the US but anyway, here are my answers - great challenge, by the way!:

Donna said...

Whew I had to think :p lol

Kate said...

Here is my entry along with my update:

kpic724 (at) gmail (dot) com

Janel said...

Nice challenge! I had to really think about some of the categories. Here is my post

Happy Reading!

Crystal said...

Here is my update and my nominees:


kkfea74 said...

Here's mine:


cherylbaryl said...

This was a challenge that is for sure. I really had to do some thinking, but here is my post:

Danielle said...

Here are mine. This was tough!

Angela Craft said...

I answered these as fast as I could 'cause I want to get back to reading. If this had been asked an hour earlier or an hour later, I probably would have different answers!

Sherrie said...

I am participating in this challenge. My post is up Have a great day!

Just Books

wereadtoknow said...

I feel like I need to reserve the right to change my mind about the list, but either way, here it stands! What a great mini-challenge!

wereadtoknow said...

I feel like I need to reserve the right to change my mind about the list, but either way, here it stands! What a great mini-challenge!

Nise' said...

My Post is here.

Michelle said...

Fun mini-challenge! Here's my post:

Staci said...

That was fun!!

bibliophile23 said...

Awesome mini-challenge.

I posted my answer here:

I Heart Monster said...

Had to rack my brain! Thanks for the fun mini-challenge!

distractedmusician said...

Wheww that one's tough!

Cathy W said...

I answered the mini-challenge on my blog!

Thanks for the challenge - got me to thinking!

Whitney said...

Fantastic mini-challenge! My answers are here:

Tiffany said...

This one was fun, it made me think. My answers:

A Journey of Books said...

That was awesome. :)

Cam said...

Great mini challenge!

here's mine:

Lindsey Sparks said...

I tried to answer quickly! Here's my link:

stiletto storytime said...

Loved the me thinking hard on a few! Answered on my blog:


Michelle (my books. my life.) said...

Here's mine:

Thanks for hosting the challenge.

Melissa said...

Kinda a hard one for me picking favorites. heres my site

Michelle said...

You can view my mini challenge at:

resabi said...

This was tougher than expected. My brain turned off immediately. It was as though I'd never read a book! But here you go:

Ash said...

Great mini-challenge!



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